About Us


Everlybee started during the arrival of my first daughter, Everly Chen. 

I first noticed a gap in the baby market when I was looking for clothes and accessories that were more neutral in color, without any cute designs. After looking around tirelessly on Taiwanese baby shops, I began to shop for clothes from stores in the US and Australia for my new baby. This is when my baby shop idea was born. 

We wanted to provide a place where new parents can come and shop for products that they know are safe for their children, kind to the environment and of course look and feel incredible.

Whether you’re already a parent or maybe an expectant mother, we want to reassure you that we have you covered with all of the necessities that you’ll need. Our aim is to create a space that contains all of your favourite brands and bundle together all of your baby’s essentials.

We hope that as your family grows and develops that we can continue to help support you in the most exciting journey of being a parent.

Thanks for Visiting!


Grace, proud mama of one and business owner